Let a Trusted Dentist Wash Away Three Common Myths about Mouthwash

Apart from brushing teeth and flossing, gargling with mouthwash is a common oral health ritual that many people don’t think twice about. These are used to prevent tooth decay, freshen breath, reduce tartar formation, and prevent or reduce gingivitis.

Yet beyond colors and flavors, how much do you really know about the stuff you’re gargling every day? Not all mouthwashes are the same, and some may even be bad for your teeth. It’s time to take a pause and dispel some myths that surround your rinse.

All Mouthwashes are Created Equal

Due to the sheer amount of choices you have when it comes to mouthwash, it’s easy to assume that they’re all the same. After all, the job of a mouthwash is never more complicated than freshening up your breath and maintaining oral health, right? While this may be true, mouthwash fall under two types: cosmetic or therapeutic.


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