Brush Your Teeth Right with Tips and Tricks from Reliable Dentists

Brushing one’s teeth is perhaps the very first thing most people learn when it comes to oral hygiene. Through the years, you probably haven’t given much thought to how you brush your teeth. Yet if you’ve been noticing cavities, plaque build-up, bad breath, and other dental issues, it might be time to reevaluate the way you brush your teeth to ensure that you’re doing it correctly.

Are you using the right toothbrush?

Need a new toothbrush? It can be tempting to just grab the first one you encounter at the store or from your supply closet. Yet the American Dental Association (ADA) says you should think about factors like the size of your mouth and how the toothbrush feels in your hand. You shouldn’t need to open your mouth too wide to let the brush in.


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