Why You Should Consult with a Natural Dentist for Your Dental Problems

A natural dentist is one who has adapted the holistic way of treating dental problems through a safer, natural approach. The most striking difference from traditional dentistry is that holistic dentistry includes educating the patients as to the role of dentistry in overall health and wellness of a person. These medical professionals also promote the use of mercury-free fillings. Instead, they use organic materials as fillers for root canal therapy and epinephrine-free anesthesia for tooth extractions. Moreover, they discourage ingestion of any form of products with fluoride such as those found in commercial toothpastes and instead, they favor biocompatible materials to be used in their practice. Lastly, holistic dentists prefer non-invasive treatments such as the ozone therapy for disinfecting a problematic tooth and air abrasion instead of drilling–both of these methods are without a doubt, safe, tested and pain-free. Read more from this blog:


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