Key Details about Zirconia Dental Implants Offered by Natural Dentists

Having missing teeth affects your life in many different ways. You may not have the confidence to smile when socializing or when going in for an important interview. You can make a key change, though, through restorative dentistry procedures. Professionals that work in this field can put Zirconia dental implants in your mouth for a complete smile.

The Process

Just like normal implants made out of titanium and other metals, Zirconia dental implants are placed in your mouth by natural dentists near San Diego. First the implant, which has the appearance of a screw, is placed in your jawbone.

Once the gums and bone have bonded together to form an anchor, a process that takes around 2-6 months, an extension is added to the implant. Finally, the replacement tooth or crown is secured on the extension using an abutment. In order to fully complete this procedure, it takes around 5-6 months. This could vary from person to person, though, depending on how fast your gums and jawbone heal between each step. Post originally appeared on blog page.


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