What Are the Best Kinds of Toothbrush, According to a Skilled Dentist?



Dental patients in San Diego who are diligent about their oral health often don’t know what sort of toothbrush to buy and why it matters. They simply buy what they think looks fine for their teeth, use it, and then throw it away when it’s already worn out. But the type of toothbrush does matter when it comes to maintaining oral health.

About Bristles

Nylon is the material used for modern toothbrush bristles, though in the past, bristles were made of animal furs or feathers. Nowadays, dentists urge their patients to use toothbrushes with soft bristles. This surprises some patients who believe that firmer bristles can clean better. The truth is that toothbrushes with firm bristles risk injuring the soft tissues in the oral cavity, especially the gums. Read more from this blog. http://bit.ly/2h0aUIf


A Dentist Can Help You Improve Your Oral with Preventative Procedures


Keeping up with your oral health involves daily personal habits and the proper dental work. Yet, many people only take a trip to the dental clinic once they encounter a concerning issue with their teeth. By undergoing preventative procedures, you can ease your worries and be on your way to being healthier.

Finding a Proactive Dentist

The first step is to find the right dentist in San Diego for you. Look for a dentist who knows the importance of preventative procedures, and who is looking for the root cause of any issues. Dentists who are focused on just fixing the current issue are doing their clients a disservice. This makes an interview very important, as it highlights the mindset of your dentist. Plus, it would give you the perfect opportunity to ask about their services and familiarize yourself with the staff. Read more from this blog. http://bit.ly/2xerqZ1

San Diego Dentist Reveals Why and How to Care for Temporary Teeth


It’s easy to ignore your child’s temporary teeth as just that—temporary. They’ll be replaced by permanent teeth soon, so there’s really no reason to give them too much attention, right? Unfortunately, things aren’t that simple. As your San Diego dentist will tell you, temporary or baby teeth play a very important role, and dismissing them can significantly impact your child’s dental health as he grows up.

The thing is, you need to care for baby teeth as you would your child’s permanent teeth. Losing baby teeth too early could lead to the premature eruption of permanent teeth, and they’ll be forced to fill the empty space left by the lost baby teeth. This can make it difficult for other permanent teeth to have the space to find room when they come in, which can result in crooked, jagged teeth. Read more from this blog. http://bit.ly/2iqM1FZ

Dentist in San Diego Discusses Link Between Oral and Overall Health


You might think that a minor dental problem isn’t that important. If you believe this, you are putting yourself at great risk, because other, more serious health problems can result from poor oral care. More and more evidence shows that the health of your mouth affects the health of your whole body—even a common gum disease can lead to serious conditions such as diabetes, stroke, and heart ailments if left untreated.

How could this be possible, you may ask? In some cases, the blame lies in the bacteria in the mouth. As in the case of heart disease, when oral bacteria find its way into the bloodstream, they can settle on existing coronary artery plaques, after which they can start producing clots in the arteries that lead to the heart. When these clots reach the heart, they can cause heart attack, stroke, damage to the body’s organs, or even death. Read more on this article: http://bit.ly/2pZ6EZj

Most Common Treatments that a Dentist May Recommend for Your Teeth

At some point during the year, you will need to see a dentist for your regular checkup, a health ritual that should be strictly followed in order to make sure your teeth and gums stay healthy and problem free. Just as importantly, you also need to make sure you can face greater San Diego and the rest of the world with a bright, healthy smile.

In order to maintain and improve your oral health, your dentist serving San Diego may recommend one of several treatments for your particular oral condition and overall health in general. Following are some commonly recommended treatments for today’s dental patients. Read more from this article: http://bit.ly/2nNukP3

A Natural Dentist Reveals the Trade Secrets for a More Beautiful Smile

When you think of a beautiful smile, what do you think of? Most people will say white and straight teeth. But are you aware that most traditional dental solutions can be harmful to your body, including classic orthodontics and over-the-counter, teeth-whitening products.

If you want to achieve a beautiful smile without doing damage to your body’s health, there is a healthy alternative. A natural dentist serving San Diego reveals some trade secrets to creating a gorgeous smile in a healthier way. Read more from this article: http://bit.ly/2nFW5Iz

Dentist in San Diego Busts Myths Surrounding Cavities (Dental Caries)

Dental Examination

Dental caries, a.k.a. cavities, are often thought to be a problem among children. Unfortunately, statistics compiled by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research shows that a staggering 92 percent of adults in the U.S. have cavities in their permanent teeth.

One of the reasons why cavities are so prevalent among adults today is because of the myth that it’s a problem among children. This myth can fool some people into thinking that their teeth are fine, instead of seeking the help of a trusted dentist in San Diego when it comes to their oral health. Other dental cavity myths you should be wary of include. Read more from this blog http://bit.ly/2jJWHe1